Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on N'zoth


  • You will have sanity bar (similar to horrific vision and carapace boss).
  • You loose Sanity when taking ceratin type of dmg. The most dangerous are: 
    - The Corruption pool in phase 1 (always stand in front of boss so you dont fall behind and end up on the pool)
    - Standing close to someone with Paranoia (always stay spread)
    - Getting hit by eye tentacle (always interrupt it)
  • This fight takes place on 2 different Realms. Same platform but different realms and has 3 phases.
  • Phase 1 is in Mind Realm
  • Phase 2 is in Normal Realm
  • Phase 3 is in Normal Realm
  • You have an extra action button in Normal Realm. This brings back your sanity to 100 again and has a 3 min CD. Always use it when you or the other group in your raid enters phase 2 again when coming back from phase 1. But if you are low (20 Sanity) use it anyway. 

Phase 1 – Part 1

  • You start at mind realm. Based on where your character was located when pulling boss, you will have your “soul” there to click on later to get back to normal phase.
  • Mind Realm has loads of tentacles and the mini boss Psychus.
  • Entire Raid will fight Psychus the mini boss.
  • Tanks moves and takes the mini boss to tentacles and nuke tentacles. This puts stacking debuff dmg taken on Psychus so he takes more dmg.
  • When a tentacle is destroyed, a black pool will form and grow, so raid must be in front of the direction you move, not behind.
  • The mini boss will also cast Creeping Anguish. Make sure to skip one tentacle and take the one after when he does that. Otherwise you will have a pool on or close to a tentacle that you havent destroyed yet. This leads to that dps stands in the pool, gets stressed etc and loose Sanity. So, always skip a tentacle and take the one after when he does Anguish. 

Phase 2 Positioning 

This marker posiitoning is when boss will spawn on you left side. 

When phase 2 starts the second time, the tentacles and portal will spawn on the opposite side. 

  1. Pull boss standing near it (see image above)
  2. Pull Psychus to the first tentacle closest to boss on your left side. 
  3. Move to the tentacle further out until and continue until you are furthest out. 
  4. Bring Phychus to the tentacles on the outer side of the platform and destroy them when he is close to it.
  5. Do this 5 times, to Psychus gets 5 stacks. 
  6. Nuke Psychus only now. Tank moves him all the way to your bodies again. 
  7. Make sure Psycus dies just before you reach your bodies agian. 

Phase 2

  • To reach phase 2, Phychus is dead and you must run to your soul and click on it.
  • Boss is stunned for 30 sec. NUKE BOSS (in middle)
  • Use your extra action bar now directly to restore sanity.
  • Destroy neurons in the area your raid is, so they wont become corruption pools there.
  • Boss will either pull you to him or push you away. 
    You will see this by looking at your characters, corruption lines will comes out from you and direct it self to boss or out. 
  • Run to the edge or to boss before he push/pull the entire raid.
  • Two sets with tentacle and eye stalker in each will spawn after that, on star and orange marker. 
  • One tank, one heal and one that can interrupt often goes to star. The rest of the raid moves to orange.
    Tank tentacle. 
    Focus nuke tentacle.
    Interrupt eye, kill it after tentacle is dead. 
    When one side is done, kill the other side. 
  • Several players gets paranoia debuff.
    Two and two are linked togetehr with a line.
    Have the middle zone free from all players and stay spread. 
    Raid are on each side. 
    Linked players goes inside to middle zone. 
    Find your linked player and move together. 
    If players that are close to Paranoia player, they loose LOADS of sanity and will most likely become mind controlled very early in the fight. 

Phase 1 – Part 2

  • 45 seconds after tentacle/eye stalker spawns, a gate will appear. This Mindgate takes you to Mind Realm. BLUE MARKER. 
  • Have two groups. Even players in each. One tank in each. 
  • G1 stays in the normal realm and G2 goes to Mind Realm again.
  • Same mechanics as before.
  • The difference is that meteor flames will fall on the ground and must be dodge
  • Players in the normal realm (G1) will continue to attack the tentacle/eye stalker add and when that is done, they attack the mini tentacles all over the place.
  • The mini boss will also cast Creeping Anguish.
    1) Make sure to skip one tentacle and take the one after when he does that. Otherwise you will have a pool on or close to a tentacle that you havent destroyed yet. This leads to that dps stands in the pool, gets stressed etc and loose Sanity. 
    2) Skip over a tentacle when players are followed by meteors. It will be way to many meteors and hard to dmg tentacle and takes to long and leads to that there is no time anymore. 

Route when phase 1 again.

Phase 2 - Part 2

  • When big add is dead on Mind Realm, they run back to their body and enter normal realm again and becomes full raid again.
  • Nuke boss again when he is stunned for 30 sec.
  • Entire Raid use the extra action button again. 
  • Two Sets of Tentacles with 2 eye stalkers spawns. 
    They spawn on the opposite of the platform side this time. 
  • You do the same thing as before.

Phase 1 - Part 3

  • The portal opens up on opposite side as well.
  • When portal opens up, G2 enters again (HEROIC MODE G1 must enter instead, must be new players entering).
  • This time in Mind Realm all players take shadow dmg periodically that also drains sanity.
  • Use same tactics and route as last time. 

Phase 3

  • When Psychus in Mind Realm is dead and you enter normal realm again, Use your extra action button.
  • You nuke boss again when he is stunned for 30 sec. 
  • Stay WAY spread now, you have loads of space. 

  • Boss will still put paranoia on players (they must stack up, rest moves away from them)
  • Leave a gap between ranged and melee so paraoia players can move freely. 
  • Boss will still pull you in to him or out of the platform (Mindgrasp).
  • New Boss ability, he will put a debuff (Anguish). Run Far away with that because it drops a pool when debuff expires and this pool grows bigger and bigger.
  • New Boss ability, he will spawn eye stalkers that shoots big beams, dodge it.
  • New Add (Harvester)
  • A new add spawns several time
  • Nuke it fast
  • Tank swap when debuff expires
  • Entire raid soaks the “Harvest Thoughts”, be close to boss.


24 Jan 2020