Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Drest´agath

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The grotesque amalgam of flesh known as Drest´agath slumbered beneath Ny´alotha for millennia until being awakened by N’zoth’s return. Now she rises like a revolting boil, ready to burst and spread her vile pestilence across Azeroth.

Fast Tactics

  • You will fight boss that is in the center of the platform.

  • You will also fight adds that spawns periodically.

  • Boss heals all the time. All dmg doesn’t help. Except when having the Void Infused Ichor buff that you get when adds die. They leave a pool that you touch to get the Ichor buff.

  • Boss has an energy bar (Agony). Every time it reaches 100, it will do extremely high raid dmg. Healers beware. At 100 Agony it will also make the adds do their special ability.

  • Always one tank on Boss
    After tank swap the debuff (Volatile Seed) must expire on players. It does dmg but it will also boost their dmg for 15 sec by 60%. Tank should run to the group that needs dps boost. Ranged can group up fast when tank comes, or tank can run to melee but that will also boost the tentacle add so beware.

  • Boss does a big AoE and you must run away from boss (the further away the less dmg). This also makes all adds cast the same AoE. Make sure you will adds fast.

  • HEROIC MODE - Move away from player(s) that are slowed then stunned. It does very high dmg after they are stunned.

  • Boss casts a beam and triggers all eye adds to cast beam as well. Dodge the beam.

  • There are 3 different adds.

    Does mind flay on random player that does dmg and slows. Interrupt it.
    When boss reaches 100 energy, this add makes stuff fall from the ceiling that hurts. Dodge it.

    Slams the ground with high dmg.
    Has a cloud around it that you must enter to be able to attack it. Does dmg when you are inside.
    Only melee should attack this add.
    Healer must be inside it to be able to heal players in there.
    When boss reaches 100 energy, this add shoots out a dark liquid In a straight line. Dodge it.

    Puts heal absorb orbs on melee ranged players. After 4 stacks of this, that player is hostile.
    Spits acid that does dmg to player and anyone within 4 yards. Stay spread.
    When boss reaches 100 energy, this add pulls spikes from the ground in a circle around it that does insane dmg debuff.
    Ranged stand far away all the time and melee run away before this happens.
    BUT – Ranged should only attack this add.

Abilities and Tactics

You will fight boss in the middle of the platform. The boss doesn’t move.
You will also fight adds that spawns periodically. The adds doesn’t move.

This fight is one big phase.
You must master they way to kill adds all the time and at the same to attack boss only when you have an Ichor debuff.


Aberrant Regeneration

Boss heals all the time. Useless to even try to attack.
But there is one thing that it cant heal. That is when it is attacked by a player with Void Infused Ichor debuff.

Tactics – Aberrant Regeneration

Don’t attack boss unless you have the Void Infused Ichor debuff that you get when an add dies. Pools fall on the ground and when you run over it, you get the debuff. You cant get the debuff for 1 min after you got one.

Throes of Agony

Boss has an energy bar.

When it reaches 100 it will doe Moderate Nature dmg to all players, every 2 sec for 10 sec.

It will also make all adds cast their special ability.

Tactics – Throes of Agony

Boss gets this energy from adds when they die.

Make sure there are few adds, because otherwise you have to heal through boss special ability AND adds special ability.

Tanks (Void Grip and Volatile Seed)

If boss doesn’t get attacked, it pulls the player and stuns it for 5 sec.

Boss puts a debuff on main tank that does high Shadow dmg every 2 sec for 10 sec.

When the debuff expires it does high dmg to players closed to tank BUT also boost their dmg by 60% for 15 sec. This happens to adds if they get hit as well.

Tactics - Tanks (Void Grip and Volatile Seed)

Tank swap each Volatile Seed debuff.

Tank with debuff should run to range that groups up when tank comes and boost their dmg.

Alternative – Tank runs to melee, but then the add might get the boost as well.

Decide how your raid wants to do this. It is based on how many ranged/melee, how the dmg is. Which add needs to be killed and so on.

Entropic Crash

Boss does a big AoE blast that does dmg to entire raid.

The further away you are from center (boss) the less dmg.

All Eye adds will also do this Crash ability.

Tactics - Entropic Crash

Move away from center.

Make sure you kill eye add asap.

Heal up the raid.

Void Glare

Boss Falls down on the ground and shoots a beam at a location.

Getting hit by it does moderate dmg every 0.5 sec.

All Eye adds will also do this ability.

Tactics – Void Glare

Move away from the beam.

Make sure you kill eye add asap.

HEROIC MODE – Mutterings of Insanity

Boss slows random player then stuns it for 5 sec.

This will lead to an explosion that does very high Shadow dmg to any player within 12 yards.

For every Maw add that is alive, one more player will be slowed/stunned/explosion as well.

Tactics: HEROIC MODE – Mutterings of Insanity

Make sure you are spread from each other.

Move away from the affected players, not that they move from you.

Kill Maw adds asap.


There are 3 types of adds:

  • Eyes
  • Tentacles
  • Maws

The fight starts with 2 eyes, one on each side of boss.

The other adds spawn periodically, in a certain order.  

When an add dies, it leaves dark pools on the ground.

Running over a dark pool gives you the debuff Void Infused Ichor for 30 sec.

The dmg you do on boss when you have this debuff doesn’t get healed up again by boss, meaning this is the only way to kill the boss.

Every time an add dies, it will give 25 Agony to boss, meaning, every 4th add that dies triggers the special ability on boss and the adds.

Each add has a special ability that triggers when boss gets 100 Agony.

Eye special ability
A big zone is marked with red swirl and a Gore will fall there. This does very high dmg.
Beware of it and avoid it.

Tentacle special ability
A purple black liquid moves from the tentacle in a straight direction.
Getting hit or standing close to it does very high Shadow dmg.
Dodge it.

Maw special ability
Big spikes comes out from the ground 30 yards around the add.
This does very high physical dmg every 3 sec for 9 sec.
Ranged players must always stand more than 30 yards from the add.
If there are melee players attacking this add, then make sure you run away before boss hits 100 Agony.


This add does Mind Flay that can be interrupted. Mind Flay does dmg over time and slows the player.

Tactics – Eye

Interrupt the Eye as much as possible.
Have ranged players prioritizing the interrupts.
Kill tentacles asap


This add has a cloud around it. Player must be inside the cloud to attack add. Healer must be inside the cloud to heal a player inside the cloud.
The cloud does moderate dmg every 3 sec.
The tentacle also slams the ground.

Tactics – Tentacle

Melee attacks this add.

Have a healer running inside the cloud when melee needs healing.

Move away before the slam hits.


This add spits at players that does high dmg to player and players within 4 yards.
This add also puts heal absorb  to nearby players of it. If the player has 4 stacks of it, it become mind controlled (hostile)

Tactics – Maw

Stand spread from each other.

Only ranged players attacks this add.

Don’t stand in melee range to the add.



13 Jan 2020