Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

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Few can resist the whispers of the Old Gods, but those who do find themselves at the mercy of Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. A cruel and sadistic torturer, Xanesh prides herself on slowly carving the sanity away from those in their charge until all that remains is unwavering devotion to N´Zoth.

Fast Tactics

You will fight one boss on a platform where Queen Azshara is prisoned in the center. Beware, you can fall out on the edge.

This fight has one phase only.

You run away from raid when you have the debuff Soul Flay.

Don’t touch the pillars, they do dmg and slow.

Dodge the dark marks on the ground.

Tanks, the boss strike does a knock back, beware so you don’t fall out of the platform. The debuff increase dmg taken by 25% for 1 min. Tank swap every min when debuff is over. Have Deadly boss Mod addon that will easily let you know when to tank swap.

Have 3 players (6-9 players on heroic/mythic) that will handle passing an orb from one portal to the other. 3 players per time. Three marks will spawn on the ground around boss, make sure the 3 designated players will stand on each one. On heroic - When you have done it, you cannot do it again.

If the orb touches Queen Azshara in the middle, it is a wipe.

If the orb falls out of the platform, it is a wipe.

On heroic difficulty and above, there will spawn pillars on the platform, make sure that the orb that you pass do NOT touch the pillar, then it is a wipe.

Abilities and Tactics

You will fight the boss, handle a void orb from time to time and also take raid dmg when Azshara takes dmg from boss and suffers.

The Void Orb – How it works and what to do

Boss will summon 3 markings on the ground around her.

If 3 players stand on them (one each), they will get the debuff, Voidwoken.

If 3 players don’t stand on them, boss does 1 million dmg to all players.

Players with Voidwoken debuff will have 2 long dark sticks on each arm.

After players got the Voidwoken debuff, two portals will spawn:

  • One portal will spit out a Void Orb.
  • The other portal can take in the Void Orb when it touches the portal.

Players with Voidwoken debuff will take reduced dmg and can interact with the Orb for 40 sec.

The orb will travel the same direction the PLAYER is facing (not the camera).

If the orb touches a player that is not Voidwoken, it will do a knockback and very high dmg.

If the orb touches Queen Azshara, or the edge of the platform or on Heroic when it touches a pillar that spawns:

  • it will do very high dmg to all players
  • it will increase that dmg next time by 500%
  • it will increase the attack speed from boss by 50% for 30 sec.

Players with voidwoken get a stack when touching the orb, after 5 stacks, the player dies.

Tactics: The Void Orb – How it works and what to do

Have 3 players designated to handle the orb. Stand on each marker around the boss when it spawns. 
On heroic/mythic mode, have at least 6 players (based on raid size) to handle the orb, because you cant do it more than once.  

Your goal is to make sure that the orb that spawns doesn’t touch Azshara, the edge (and pillar on Heroic/mythic) but instead will touch the 2nd portal so it disappears.

One player runs to the zone where the orb spawns and be ready to direct if needed.

Have one player on each side to be ready to pass it on.

Run to the location where the 2nd portal is and direct it if needed.

Players that do not have the Voidwoken debuff do NOT touch the orb.

Abyssal Strike

Boss hits the main tank with very high shadow dmg and puts a debuff that increases dmg taken by 25% for 1 min.

Tactics: Abyssal Strike

Tank swap each minute when debuff expired.

Soul Flay

Boss puts debuffs on random players.

After 10 sec, the debuff explodes and does deadly Shadow dmg to the player with that debuff.

If the player is further away from the position, they got the debuff, the dmg is reduced, based on distance.

Tactics: Soul Flay

You will see a shadow figure of your character when you get the debuff.

Run away to the other side of the platform, away from your shadow figure, before debuff expires.

Run back and fight when its done.

Raid dmg

During the entire fight, Queen Azshara will be tormented by the boss and that dmg will cause her to erupt shadow dmg on the platform. Getting hit does deadly dmg.

Queen Azshara will also suffer, and when  she suffers, all players take Shadow dmg every 2 sec.

Tactics: Raid dmg

Make sure to dodge the dark parts of the platform, several timers in a row when  it happens.

Healers beware to heal up raid when they take unavoidable shadow dmg debuff when Azshara suffers (Anguish)

When to Blood Lust/Heroism/Timewarp

At pull


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