Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Carapace of N´Zoth

Fast Tactics

In this encounter, you will have a sanity bar (same look when doing Horrific vision).

You get sanity back when you stand close to Wrathion who is positioned in the start of each platform.

Reaching 0 sanity will give a debuff that increases dmg/healing by 100% for 20 sec, then you get mind controlled and casts spells on other players that reduce their sanity.


  • You will have an extra action bar on phase 1 that let´s you travel fast to Wrathion.
    Use it when below 25 Sanity.

  • You will fight boss (Fury of N´Zoth) on a very big platform.
    Tank swap on main tank has debuff (circle under player)
    Raid – Spread 10 yards with debuff (Madness Bomb) it´s a circle on the ground under you

  • An eye stalk spawns (Gaze of Madness) on the top corner. Breed Manifest.
    Nuke it fast, Do NOT interrupt it.

  • Some time later, a giant tentacle spawns on the side of the platform and slams the platform and lies there. A shadow is shown on platform before it hits. Move away from it.
    Small adds spawns on ground. Tank them, nuke them.
    Blobs spawn on the tentacle. Nuke them

  • Pick up light orbs when needed based on your sanity


Starts on 50%. This platform is a cave. Boss in front, two sides with blobs surrounded with corruption on the ground.

Boss cannot be attacked until all Synthesis Growth is removed from the platform. It heals until all is removed.

  • The walls on the sides have Synthesis Growth .
    You must clear the Growth on both sides before you can attack boss.
    Entire raid goes together on one side first. Clear that, then to next side.

  • Dmg on blobs removes corruption on ground for a short period.

  • Wrathion is on the entrance.
    Make sure you get back to him before sanity is 0. Use the extra action button that takes you to him.

  • When you can attack Boss
    It does Periodic raid dmg that removes sanity
    It does Eternal Darkness that high raid dmg and removes sanity.
    Boss turns to random player and does blast. Everyone dodges it.
    Raid – Spread 10 yards with debuff (Madness Bomb)
    Pick up light orbs when needed based on your sanity


Starts at 40%.
You will be on the same platform as the last boss room. A big circular one.

You can no longer remove your sanity. Make sure to refresh it before entering this room.

  • Watch out for several huge tentacles that slams at the same time.
    You can see the shadow on the ground. Don’t stand on it.

  • You will only fight boss here.
    It puts Sanity Bomb debuff on ALL players (purple circle) that does high dmg.
    This will also spawn an add that does melee dmg and slows and removes haste.
    Spread with debuff, overwise it fears other players.
    Raid group up and nuke adds fast´when they spawn

  • Bloddlust/Timewarp/Heroism on this phase






23 Jan 2020