NEW! Upgrade your Legendary ring with Valor points


  • This week’s reset will add the Crystallized Fel which is needed to upgrade the Legendary ring with 3 ilvls.
  • Earlier, this item was only obtainable when killing Arhcimonde on Normal/heroic/Mythic.
  • This action did´nt need a weekly reset. In EU the reset is tomorrow and the item is already available for purchase. 

How to upgrade Legendary Ring with Valor?

  • Head to Tanaan Jungle.
  • Talk to Dawn-Seeker Krisek (the bird that sells items such as flying mount for Valor Points)
  • Buy 1 Crystallized Fel for 1250 Valor points that rewards you 3 extra item levels on your Legendary ring.

I had the crystallized Fel and used it before weekly reset, and I could buy an extra crystallized Fel and use it again on the same weekly reset. So, it seems that you can buy as many as you can and use it as many times as you can (up to max ilvl 795).



I personally think this is a great idea since there are players out there that don’t have a chance for various reasons to kill Archimonde higher than LFR level.
And for players that have grinded this crystal every week, now you have the chance to upgrade the ring for your secondary specs, which is awesome!
Also, you can upgrade your ring on alts much easier as well.

5 Jan 2016