Legion Tailors can now craft 30 slot bags

Patch 7.1 came out this week and I noticed one major upgrade. We can now craft 30 slots bag as well (Imbued Silkweave Bag). Before (7.0) we learned to craft a 24 slot bag, the Silkweave Satchel. The dev team said that they made this choice so layers can make cheap bags for alts/banks etc. Now, they gave us the opportunity to make 30 slot bags as well.

How do I get the pattern for 30 slot bag?

You get a quest from Leyweaver Tytallo located in The Grand Promenade (the same house you enter to craft Imbued Silkweave gear.  

It seems that you need to unlock Imbued Silkweave crafting which you do at the end of the Tailoring quest line.

The quest is called “The Big Bag Theory”.
To complete this quest you need to enter Legion Karazhan and Recover a Bag of a Thousand Pockets and a Fel Sinew Bag.

 I haven’t got the items yet but looking at the maps in Karazhan its seems that you obtain the items from following:

  • Bag of Thousand Pockets: On map it shows that its in the Master´s Terrace area. But I belive its a loot from the boss Moroes. 
  • Fel Sinew Bag from Viz'aduum the Watcher boss platform and most likely a loot from that boss. 


What are the materials from legion 30 slot bag (Imbued Silkweave Bag)

  • 100 Imbued Slikweave
  • 20 Runic Catgut
  • 10 Blood of Sargeras

28 Oct 2016