New! Legendary Ring goes faster to get 6.2.2

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This is If you are doing the Legendary quest line on your main or alt and you´re on Highmaul and/or Blackrock Foundry areas.

You will get weekly quests (weekly turn in) to help you catch-up in these earlier stages.

The weekly quest will let you turn in Apexis Crystals in exchange for

  • Abrogator Stone Cluster (Abrogator Arbitrator Weekly)

  • Elemental Runes (Work Work Stoppage Weekly)

How much Apexis Crystal Does it cost?

  • Abrogator Stone Cluster (5) costs totally 14 958 Apexis Crystal

  • Elemental Runes (75) costs 20 000 Apexis crystal

This is the weekly cap for the quests.

Where is the NPC for cathing up the Legendary quest line?

The NPC to turn in you Apexis Crystals for Stones or Runes is located in Lions Watch (Alliance) and Warspear (Horde) in Tanaan Jungle. 

* NPC name: Klik Kluk

* NPC name Renegade




28 Aug 2015