After taking down Sarkareth (last boss in 10.1 Aberrus Raid) on Mythic, a legendary weapon questline for Evokers called  the Cracked Titan Gem item. 

Against a blurry background of a cavernous landscape with a tower and a bridge, a text box reads the following: Cracked Titan Gem, Soulbound, Unique, This Item Begins a Quest. Classes: Evoker. "This gem has a familiar energy to it. You feel drawn to it, almost as if it was pulling on your very will itself."

This item has now been answered by Blizzard, stating that when once the Scalecommander Sarkareth has been defeated for the first time on Mythic difficulty, the Cracked Titan Gem item will have a chance to drop from Scalecommander Sarkareth on all difficulties after the weekly reset in the region that he’s been defeated in.

The item will be very rare on Raid Finder difficulty (when available) and slightly increases in drop rate with each difficulty.

The weapon power on the new Legendary weapon states: 

“Your Empower spells activate the Order magic within, releasing a sphere of Order that seeks a powerful ally, increasing their primary stat by 500 and Speed by 600 for 10 sec”.

16 May 2023