New Garrison quests, patch 6.1

In patch 6.1, you’ll now see new visitors to your Garrison: quest-givers offering you a variety of activities if you’ve reached Garrison Tier 3. These include:

  • Bounty Quests – Group up with two or more additional players to hunt down and defeat a powerful enemy and you’ll earn gold and a chance to get an heirloom quest item off of the creature you kill for the quest.
  • Profession daily – Get your hands on more Primal Spirits, reduce your surplus reagents, and buy the new recipes for crafted upgrades and transmutes.
  • Relic Quests– Completing these quests will reward gold and ultimately Harrison Jones as a new Follower.  
  • Daily dungeon quests- Daily dungeon quests will reward Garrison Resources.
  • Weekly Raid quests – These quests will reward gold and an ilevel 645 or 655 token.
25 Feb 2015