New Event-themed Dragon customizations

In the upcoming patch 10.1.7, players will have access to new Drakewatcher Manuscripts featuring themes from various World of Warcraft events. It's worth noting that each manuscript is tailored specifically to its respective dragonriding mount, so these looks won't be available for all dragonriding mounts, but rather only for those with customization options at the Rostrum of Transformation.

As of now, it's unclear how players will acquire these manuscripts, but given their association with a WoW event, it's highly possible that they'll either be obtainable as a boss drop or through purchasing from an event vendor.

Pirates' Day

Starts: 2023/09/19
Ends: 2023/09/20

Highland Drake: Pirates' Day Armor


Starts: 2023/09/20
Ends: 2023/10/06

Renewed Proto-Drake: Brewfest Armor

Hallow's End

Starts: 2023/10/18
Ends: 2023/11/01

Windborne Velocidrake: Hallow's End Armor

Day of the Dead

Starts: 2023/11/01
Ends: 2023/11/03

Cliffside Wylderdrake: Day of the Dead Armor

23 Jul 2023