New currency for buying 910 ilvl gear in 7.3

This information is during PTR and might change.
I will update this page as soon as new things comes out.


In patch 7.3, there will be a new currency, called Veiled Argunite.

With this new currency, you can buy 910 ilvl Relinquished gear

Each item costs 650 Veiled Argunites.

The ilvl is 910.
It can be warforged and titenforged. 


The item can also become BoE! Small chance tho.

Relinquished Gear

Now you can buy specific Relics, instead of a random one (like the relinquished relics).

Arcane Relic
Blood Relic
Fel Relic
Fire Relic
Iron Relic
Life Relic
Shadow Relic
Storm Relic

You can also buy an item for Nethershards, that gives 6000 XP directly to a champion. This item has been shifted to the vednor in broken shore.



How to earn/grind Veiled Argunites

You get Veiled Argunites from:

  • Quests (the storyline and side quests)
  • Treasure chests in Argus (8-10)
  • World quests (45)
  • Rare Elite mobs (rare spawns) (20)
  • Order Hall missions (20+)
  • Armyof the light "Emissary" and Argussian Reach "Emissary" (125)
  • From the weekly quest (Fuel of  Doomed World (300)
  • A new shoulder enchant called Boon of the Steadfast. This enchant allows the wearer to obtain Argunite Clusters from corpses of their enemies. I dont have this yet, but my guess is that you can loot Veiled Argunites when you have this enchant. 

There is a zone in Antoran Wastes that contains Elite mobs. They have a very small drop chance to drop 1 Veiled Argunite.
The amount and drop chance might change when 7.3 hits live. If so, this will be a very good farming place.


Where is the Relinquished vendor located?

The vendor is called Thaumaturge Vashreen.
He is located in the Vindicaar (spaceship) on the bottom floor to the east side of the mini map.


20 Jul 2017