Naval Specialist achievement fixed

The new Hotfix will now fix Naval Siege Specialist 

There are 2 shipyard achievements that many players are wondering why they haven’t got it yet. These are

Naval Bonus Specialist: Complete 10 Naval Bonus Missions
Naval Siege Specialist: Complete 10 Naval Siege Missions.

Naval Siege Specialist has now been fixed and will take place on this week’s reset (US: Today, EU: Tomorrow).


The Bonus Specialst was not on this hotfix and I have not seen any confirmation that it works atm. Will update asap.

Now, for those players that don´t know how to complete them

Naval Bonus Specialist Achievement

* There are missions that pop up from time to time in shape of a star.
* By mouse over that star you will see another marked area on the map
* After you complete this star mission, all naval mission in the area it marked are now called Bonus Specialist Missions.

So, completing 10 of them will grant you the achievement Naval Bonus Specialist.

Naval Siege Specialist Achievement

  • There are flags that show up on the map from time to time called blockade missions.
  • Complete 10 of these blockade missions and you will be granted the achievement.

These 2 achievements are needed for the Master of the Seas Achievement which will grant you the title “Captain” when completed.

4 Aug 2015