Moudi´s notes and thoughts before PTR Raid testing (Painsmith Raznal)

This fight is against the boss only, but there are several obstacles on the platform that must be dodged while fighting him.

There is a main phase and an intermission that happens 2 times (at 70% boss health and 40% boss health).

Also, very few abilities on this fight for being a raid boss.

Intermission: The Screaming Anvil

The intermission happens then boss health is at 70% health and 40% health.

The intermission is when the boss jumps away to the anvil to make a new weapon.

During this time, there will be blazing cinders that fall on the platform and does moderate fire dmg to all players within 3 yards of impact and the player will become a Shadowsteel ember.

So what does that mean. Players will become a fire dude. Can they still use abilities? How long does this last? Can they control their character or are they mind controlled and attack others?

Main phase

Chamber of Spikes

The boss platform has sharp spikes that comes up from the floor.

When boss does abilities we get spikes. 

Getting hit does very high physical dmg and stuns for 2 sec.

Dodge the spikes.

Sounds like that based on what weapon boss will wear, we get different patterns of spikes until next intermission.

Instruments of Pain

Boss will start with one type of weapon and when reaching 70% health and 40% health, the boss will leap to his anvil to forge a new weapon.

This allows him to activate spikes in sneaky new combinations.

The weapons are Rippling Hammer / Cruciform Axe / Dualblade Scythe

All three weapons do same thing on their target:

Boss hurls his hammer on main tank. After 6 sec it does very high physical dmg to tank and very high fire dmg to all other players. The further away, the less dmg they take.
Spikes erupt  outwards from the targets location that puts a debuff (Blackened Armor). This debuff does moderate fire dmg every 1 sec and increase physical dmg taken by 200% for 36 sec.

Sounds like this should be a hit on the tank, not a random player.

Tank swap when you get this hit.

The tank with this hit has 6 sec to run away from raid to decrease dmg taken.

Spikes erupt outwards from the tanks location and it seems that based on what weapon it is (Rippling Hammer / Cruciform Axe / Dualblade Scythe) we get different combinations of spikes to dodge.

The debuff is vary nasty, major healing cds if player gets hit.

Use def to remove debuff if hit

Can you use immunity to remove the debuff?

Does the tank get this debuff automatically, meaning, they cant dodge this?


Spiked Balls

A wave of Spiked balls roll across the platform. Does physical deadly dmg plus 8 sec stun to anyone getting hit.

Interesting to see how this will look and how hard/easy it will be to dodge them.


Flameclasp Trap (HEROIC MODE)

Boss marks several players for flame traps.

After 8 sec, the traps activate.

If a player steps on a trap or if a spike hits the trap, or hit by spiked balls, it will detonate.

The detonation does low fire dmg and increase dmg taken from traps by 100% for 3 sec.

Sounds like we should run with the traps and stand on a location where the spiked balls will pass so they drop there. And the spiked balls will detonate them to remove them.

Does immunity sun over traps work?

However, all the traps must be placed on same location on the platform.


Shadowsteel Chains

Boss puts a debuff on several players (Shadowsteel Chains). After 6 seconds, it shackles them that does moderate dmg every 1 sec for 20 sec.
When shackled, it does knockback on other players within 4 yards plus a high physical dmg.

Players have to stay spread from each other, but melee will have a hard time.

Players will probably dodge spiked balls and spikes whilel having this debuff.

This ability sounds like an above normal difficulty or it Must be a way to remove this debuff, 20 sec is a long time.



13 May 2021