Moudis Guide Prot Warrior


The Protection spec is ideal for players that wish to Tank in end-game situations (Dungoens, Heroics, Raids, Scenarios, and Dailies)

Talents are very much situational at the end game, depending on the encounter you´re doing. The ones here are the best for straight Warrior protection tank, steering away from dps and helping with threat, multiple add capturing and interrupts.


Bull Rush
Improves rage generation on the pull.

Wind and Thunder
Helps to pick up adds that are spread out little more than normal.

Gag order

Great for picking up caster adds with Heroic Throw.


Best tank class
Lots of threat
Fun to play


Lots of options can get confusing
Must know class well


Stat priority

Bonus Armor
Critical Strike


Rotations are not to be stuck to like glue. You can´t keep up the same rotation, because you must be able to react what´s going on. If you don´t know your abilities a rotation is a good start point to learning your class, but not something you must always stick to without deviation. It´s more of an outline or a priority list, or a general strategy.

Defensive Stance should be used at all times

Single Target

Maximise threat and rage gerenation by using this priority list. Be sure that you add Shield Block or Shield Barrier in here every CD.

Shield Slam
Execute (to burn excess rage when target is below 20% HP)
Storm Bolt
Heroic Strike (to burn excess Rage)

Multiple Target

Thunder Clap (to apply and maintain Deep Wounds)
Bladestorm and Shockwave (if you decide to use these talents)
When the above abilities are not available use Single Target Priority and alternate attacks between different targets to maintain threat evenly on all of them.

Defensive Cooldowns and when to use them

Shield Wall
Used before you receive a large amount of damage

Last Stand
Used when you HP is low or you´re about to receive a large amount of damage

Demoralizing Shout
Used as often as possible

Spell Reflection
Use against Spell Bolts from adds.

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