Moudis Guide - Arms Warrior

Warrior Arms PVE


The Arms Specc is ideal for players that wish to DPS like crazy with a couple weapons or a big 2-hander in end-game situations (Dungoens, Heroics, Raids, Scenarios, and Dailies).

Juggernaut, Disruptiong Shout and Vigalence help with utility, but can be switched with any others in the same tier. Impending Victory help with Survival and Dragon Roar and Bloodbah increase DPS.

Unending Rage increases rage pooling for better burst DPS.

Death from Above increases Heroic Leap DPS.

Bull Rush is good for fights with multiple targets or adds.

Minor Glyphs are purely cosmetics so pick whatever you like.


Good Melee DPS
Dual Wield or 2-Hand


Only Melee DPS
No good if needed to tank
Not the best DPS spec


Stat Priority

Critical Strike

Weapons: 2-Hand

Rotations are not to be stuck to like glue. You can´t keep up the same rotation, because you must be able to react what´s going on. If you don´t know your abilities a rotation is a good start point to learning your class, but not something you must always stick to without deviation. It´s more of an outline or a priority list, or a general strategy.

Single Target
The Arms rotation is more of phases depending on your Colossus Smash debuff and if target is below 20% hp or not.

Outside Colossus Smash – when CS is not active
Maintain Rend at all times
Mortal Strike
Colossus Smash
Dragon Roar
Whirlwind – when you have more than 40 rage.

During Colossus Smash – When CS is active on target
Mortal Strike
Dragon Roar when more than 70 rage

Execute Rotation – whentarget is below 20% Hp
Maintain Rend
Execute when more that 60 rage
Colossus smash
Dragon Roar

Single target Opening Roptation
Use Pots and other buffs as needed
Mortal Strike
Colossus smash
Continue on with Single Target Colussus Smash rotation

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