Moudi´s Fast Tactics – Castle Nathria Raid - Sun King's Salvation

Two phase fight rotation
Phase 1 you deal with adds and heal Kaelthas.
Phase 2 you deal with a Shade of Kaelthas and 3 phoenixes.

Phase 2 starts at 40% Kaelthas HP and then again at 90%.
Phase 1 starts at pull and when Shade is at 50%. 

Phase 1
Stay spread
Heal Kaelthas by using the pedestals between the add waves.  
Heal the Essence fonts to 100% when Occulists die and drops them (it heals Kaelthas).
Heal Kaelthas after picking up orb that Soul Infusers drop when dead (it boosts your heal).
First time its to 40% health.
Second time its to 90% health.

Adds kill order: Soul Infusers > Occultists > Vanquishers > Assassins > Fiends
Soul Infusers – Kill before reaching Kaelthas.
Occultists - Interrupt to group up on Vanquisher add.
Vanquishers – Tank it. Swap at 4 stacks. Kill all other adds on on top of this for cleave dmg.
Assassins – Raid spread (they charge). Stack these adds. Turns to stone and heals full hp, beware.
Fiends – Trash in the end. AoE if alive after all other adds are dead. 

Phase 2
Tank boss on side of platform and phase Shade away from raid.
Raid behind boss
No one in front of boss except for main tank (boss does frontal cleave)
Ember Blast - Soak players with red circle (or use immunity)
Heroic mode: Watch out for boss frontal dmg (Blazing Surge) on random players.  

Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism on phase 2 (When attacking Shade).

18 Nov 2020