Moudi´s Fast Tactics – Castle Nathria Raid - Lady Inerva Darkvein

  • She has four abilities.
  • Each ability has a power level 1-3.
  • The power is activated through 4 containers (one for each ability). Each container has a bar that fills up.
  • You click on a container to drain it so it doesn’t level up. But boss will make 1 at a time become immune to drain and will hit level 3.
  • Assign players to drain the containers.
  • Ability 1 – Desire
    Happens when boss reaches 100 energy and it´s a big dmg on tank + debuff.
    Tank swap at 2 stacks.
  • Ability 2 – Bottle Anima
    Boss throws several bottles on the ground that does high shadow dmg to players within 3 yards. If no players are hit, it does high shadow dmg to all players.
    Spread out and run and stand on the circle where the impact of a bottle will be.
  • Ability 3 – Sin
    3 orbs will spawn that does dmg to closest player.
    Remove them with the 3 players that has beams connected between them.
    Connected players must make sure that the beams hit the orbs at the same time to remove them.
  • Ability 4: Concentrated Anima
    3 random players with a circle around them and an arrow on them. After 10 sec it does dmg and spawns add on each circle. Two casters and 1 melee.
    Targeted players stack up on boss so all adds stack there (adds don’t move).
    Tank big add. Interrupt casters. Kill casters first. Single target dmg.

Power up abilities

  • Desire is immune and gets filled to rank 3 first.
    Level 2 – debuff on tank is copied to random players. Healers beware.
    Level 3 –Tank debuff explodes when expired. Run away from raid before expiration.
  • Bottled Anima gets filled to rank 3 second.
    Level 2 – pools spawn on bottle location. Beware.
    Level 3 - – Bottles will bounce and hit the ground 2 times in total. soak each bottle two times. 
  • Sin is immune and gets filled to rank 3 as third.
    Level 2 – Standing inside the beams of 3 players does dmg. Try to avoid it.
    Level 3 – The beams from the orbs rotates.
  • Concentrated Anima is immune and gets filled to rank 3 as the last one.
    Level 2 – Debuffed players are rooted. Stand closer to each other when that container gets filled.
    Level 3 – Each debuff shoots fragments on all directions when expired that does tons of dmg. Dodge them.

22 Nov 2020