Moudi´s Fast Tactics – Castle Nathria Raid - Huntsman Altimor

During entire fight

  • Make sure you are spread (Boss does a frontal dmg on random target).
  • Stand still when targeted with red arrow by boss. The raid moves away from you.
    Don’t stand between boss and player with arrow (Melee beware)

Margore (Phase 1)

  • Stack the boss and hound.
  • Tank swap at 2 stacks of Jagged Claws bleed.
  • Stack up on player with big red circle and soak.
  • Heroic mode – The soak puts a debuff. Not to many soak.

Bargast (Phase 2)

  • Split the boss and Bargast. Alternative, move Bargast away every 30 sec when it will cast Rip Soul.
  • Healers must heal the Soul to that spawns from the hound tank before it reaches the boss. Heal to full health.
  • CC the 2 adds that spawns and wait until 40 stacks before you nuke them (they get a stacking debuff that increase dmg taken).
  • Stun/fear/knockback when add casts Deathly Roar.

Hecutis (Phase 3)

  • Stack boss and hound and start fighting on the outer side of platform.
  • Move clockwise when needed to reduce dmg stacks on hound. Less stacks less dmg increase.
    BUT, then dog moves, it does raid dmg.
  • Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism on this phase.
18 Nov 2020