9.1.5: Mobs in rift drops Relic Fragments & Cataloged Research

Blizzard has added a change in 9.1.5, that mobs in Korthia inside the Rift will drop Relic Fragments and Cataloged Research.

More specifically it is the Soulless Vengeance mobs and all elites that has a 100% drop on Relic Fragments.

Soulless Vengeance drops 1-2 Relic Fragments.

Elite mobs drop 6-11 Relic Fragments.

There is a chance that these mobs will also drop Common quality Cataloged Research (8 Cataloged Research).

Now when you are done collecting all 4 Rift chests inside the rift, you can also farm Relic Fragments and more cataloged research until time runs out.

7 Oct 2021