Micro-Holidays (comes with patch 7.1.5)

These events are smaller and lasts for 1-3 days depending on what event.
I´ve listed all events below.

Call of the Scarab (21-23 January)

On this date, the Scarab Gong was rung, opening the gates of Ahn´Qiraj. Represent your faction by gathering supplies or by slaying Twilight and Qiraji forces. The winning faction gets to fly their banner next to the Scarab Gong for the rest of the year!

Tavern Crawl (31st January, 31st July)

The mages of Azeroth like to relax, too. Hop into a portal at your local watering hole and join the Tavern Crawl.

Hatching of the Hippogryphs (19th February)

Today is the day that the Frayfeather hippogryphs hatch. Head to Frayfeather Highlands in Feralas to witness the spectacle firsthand.

March of the Tadpoles (5th April)

Today, the baby Winterfin murlocs of Boran Tundra complete their trip across the Westrift.

Volunteer Guard Day (23rd April)

Today, the denizens of Azeroth and Draenor take some time to celebrate the hard work that their guards perform. /Salute a guard to show that you care. You get to become a guard and patrol your faction cities.

Spring Balloon Festival (8-10 May)

The skies are clear, the wind is calm… it´s a great day for hot air ballooning. Hop into a hot air balloon, enjoy the scenery and make some new friends.

Glowcap Festival (27th May)

Today, the sporelings of Sporeggar in Zangramarch hold their annual mushroom festival. Help them keep the great Gshoo alive as long as possible.

Thousand Boat Bash (6-8 June)

The citizens of Azeroth need a break. Let´s go boating in Thousand needles!

Un´Goro Madness (10-12 August)

The dinosaurs in Un`Goro are getting restless. Time to pay them a visit!

17 Nov 2016