Lihuvim, Principal Architect

  • This fight has a main phase and an adds phase.
  • In the main phase you will fight boss and any adds that are still alive.
  • In the add phase you will fight adds and the boss is immune to dmg.
  • You will ping pong between boss phase and add phase.
  • Raid behind boss. Off tank behind boss. Only main tank in front boss.
  • Players with circle under them (debuff) runs to the marker behind raid and wait until small orb spawns. Semi stack the orbs.
  • Players with big circle and arrow on their head (debuff) runs to the orbs and cover as many as possible with their circle. It clears the orbs away.
  • Watch out for pushback to you don’t get pushed into the orbs.
  • Boss shoots orbs 3 times on tank that must run away from raid. Raid move backwards when it starts. It one shoot kills.
  • When boss goes to the circle and is immune to dmg, phase 2 starts.
  • There are 3 types off adds on normal mode and 4 on heroic/mythic mode.
  • The adds are on the side of the platform with two on each side. The position of the adds are random. Check before the pull where the adds are located.
  • Position the raid so that you will attack the first add directly when add phase starts.
  • Tank boss on the middle pillar on the left or right side.
  • Pick the side based on where the Acquisition Automa add is.
  • Kill order
    Acquisition Automa
    Degeneration Automas
    Defense Matrix Automa
    Guardian Automa
17 Feb 2022