Dates on Legion Timewalking AND Patch 9.1.5

In last week’s build on the PTR we saw that Blizzard added the Legion Timewalking on the calendar which was 2nd of November.

This week´s build they actually changed the date to 7th of December. Changing the date shows that they have a goal on when they want 9.1.5 to be released followed by Legion Timewalking. 

So basically when they added Legion Timewalking on the Calendar the first time, it was probably a placeholder and since they changed it now, it seems they have set a goal. 

Looking at some history on when cool stuff comes out when a patch comes out, then we don´t get the cool things directly on patch launch week. Mainly because Blizzard wants us to get used to the changes when it comes to class changes and smaller content changes. We normally get the bigger stuff a week or so after. 

Based on my speculation above, we will probably see 9.1.5 on Tuesday 30th of November for US, Wednesday 1st of December for EU, and Thursday 2nd of December for Asia. 


16 Sep 2021