Legion Raid Boss Guide: Ursoc

As usually, these tactics are my own and does not mean they are the most optimal.

Background Story

Ursoc is one of the Wild Gods. Patron of the furbolg, and closely linked to the druidic power shapeshifting, the ancient great bear has long been a protector of Azeroth. But as Ursoc slumbered at his shrine in Grizzly hills, the world around him was plunged into corruption, and he awoke to torment and nightmare, consuming and twisting his being.


Short tactic explanation before pull /rw (Raid warning)

/rw Tanks: tank swap at every overwhelmed and Rend Flesh
/rw Tanks: Pull boss to the outer wall and make him face the wall as much as possible. Move clockwise at each roar and tank close to each black pool.
/rw Group 1 soaks the charge (Focused Gaze) first. Group 2 second.
/rw Soaking group stacks behind boss and NON-soaking group stacks on right side off boss.
/rw If you are targeted by boss charge (Focused Gaze) run to the middle and stand behind the boss (and soaking group).
/rw stack close to boss so we all chare the roar damage and move sideways fast when black pool develops.
/rw Bloodlust/Timewarp at 30% hp.



This boss needs to be tanked on the outer side of the platform because he does a roar that creates and image of himself with a black pool that does damage when standing in it. So the boss will be moved sideways at every roar.

The roar does split damage on players so everyone needs to be stacked.

Every time the images roar, the boss roar is increased by 10% (stacks).

Also, the boss charges a player that does less damage the further away the player is but the charge needs to be soaked by other players because the impact does raid damage which is reduced if soaked.

The players soaking will get a debuff that lasts until next charge. So the raid needs to be divided into two groups and switch at every charge.

It seems that this fight is a dps race: down the boss before he gets to many increased roar damage stacks and to many pools until you can´t stand anywhere.


Positioning at pull

Pull the boss to the outer area facing the wall.

Raid will be divided in two groups (see below). When soaking, the group will position themselves stacked behind the boss. When NOT soaking, the group will stack next to the boss on his right side.




Ursoc has one Phase only in which he uses 5 main abilities.

Overwhelm and Rend Flesh

Ursoc overwhelms a player’s defenses inflicting 1.4 million physical damage.
This increases Physical damage taken by 15% and increases damage taken by Rend Flesh by 150% for 12 seconds.
This effect stacks

Rend Flesh
Ursoc rends a player, inflicting 1.27 million Physical damage and an additional 700k Physical damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

Rend flesh always comes 3 seconds after Overwhelm.

Tactic: Overwhelm and Rend Flesh

Boss does Overwhelm every 10 seconds and Rend Flesh in between.
Then he does Focused Gaze (charge).
Then starts over again.

Therefore: Tank swap at every overwhelm and Rend Flesh. This will make one tank have a maximum of 2 stacks as most and not hit by rend Flesh when having the overwhelm debuff:

Tank 1 takes first Overwhelm
Tank swap directly.
Tank 2 takes Rend Flesh
Tank swap
Tank 1 takes second stack of Overwhelm
Tank Swap

Now Tank 2 will start with taking the Overwhelm hit instead.


Focused Gaze

Ursoc focuses on a random player.
After 6 seconds he charges and strikes the player with Trampling slam
When he reaches the player he does Barreling Impact

Trampling Slam                Ursoc does 1.5 million physical damage to the target. This is reduced the further away you are.

Barreling Impact              At impact he does 2 million physical damage to all players. This effect is reduced by each player Ursoc charged through.

Momentum                        The players that Ursoc charges through will take 400k damage and a debuff which increase damage from Ursoc´s charge by 500%.

Tactic: Focused Gaze

Divide the raid in two groups.

Group 1 will stack behind boss and soak the damage from the charge (Barreling Impact).

Group 2 will stack on the right side of boss to avoid getting hit by the charge.

After each Focused Gaze the groups swap so Group 2 will soak without the debuff Momentum and

Group 1 debuff has time to wear off.

Targeted player with Focus Gaze runs (far) behind the raid towards middle (marker).

Important: If you are targeted by focused gaze you will not get the debuff Momentum when charged. So
stick to the group tacts and stand behind boss when it’s your turn.


Roaring Cacophony

Ursoc releases a roar doing 6 million physical damage divided evenly among all players within 25 yards.
This will also leave a trail behind: an image of the boss which will also do a roar every time the boss does it (Nightmarish Cacophany) AND will leave a black pool under the boss when he does roar which does damage to players (Miasma).

Nightmarish Cacophany

When he roars, he leves behind a Nightmare Image. The following roar, the nightmare image releases a roar as well, doing 400k shadow damage and fear players for 3 sec (affecting players within 25 yards of the roar).

Tank move the boss sideways away from image (black circle)

Everyone move with boss away at each roar sideways.


The image also creates a black circle pool around it that will stay there during the entire fight.
Standing on this pool will do 110k damage every second.

Echoing Dischord
The boss will increase the roar damage by 10% every time he does it (stacks), nasty.

Tactic: Roaring Cacophony


Positioning the boss is very important.
Tanks need to pull the boss to the outer side of the platform and start tanking there so the boss faces the wall.

When the boss does the roar, move immediately to the side to avoid damage from the black circle.

Position yourself so you stand just next to the black pool and have the boss facing the wall as soon as possible. Do not move further then the outer side of the black pool since you need as much space as possible before killing boss. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed with black pools and no were to stand.

Rest of the raid

When the boss does the roar, move immediately to the side to avoid damage from the black circle.

Remember that you need to stand next to boss or behind boss depending on if it’s your turn to soak the charge or not.


Blood Frenzy

Ursoc enters a mighty rage at 30% HP, increasing all damage by 25% and attack speed by 20%.

Tactic: Blood Frenzy

Bloodlust/Timewarp when boss has 30% health. 

6 Aug 2016