Legion Karazhan Attunement

Quest starts at Khadgar in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran (Broken Isles).



You must first complete 4 specific mythic dungeons. This will take you to do following dungeons:

Halls of Valor Mythic difficulty

Black Rook Hold Mythic difficulty 

Violet Hold Mythic difficulty.

Vault of The Warden Mythic difficulty.

The dungeon quests ends at Khadgar telling you that you have to go to Karazhan and take it back and makes you a portal to Karazhan. 


When arriving outside Karazhan you will get more quests from Khadgar standing outside the main entrance of Karazhan. These quests takes you under, on and around Karazhan.


Go/fly up to the side entrance of Karazhan (A bridge is linked to the side entrance). That is the main Legion entrance. 


Achievement is account wide





25 Oct 2016