Legion Boss Guide: Guarm

As usually, these tactics are my own and does not mean they are the most optimal.


Helya´s vicious three-headed hound stands guard at the gates of Helheim. Bred to require neither comfort nor sleep. Guarm remains ever-watchful for any invaders who come to challenge the reign of his cruel mistress.


This fight is all about stacking/spreading out/stacking/spreading out.
The boss has three heads in which each head does different type of dmg that needs to be handled by either stacking or spreading out from each other.
Since he has three heads, he also does extra dmg to tanks and closest target (or double on tank if alone), so tanks needs to share the boss dmg.
The boss also charges front and back on the platform which needs to be dodged by the raid.


Tank the boss on the bridge.
Face the boss toward the raid.
Both tanks stand on top of each other.
Melee on left side of boss (5 yards spread from each other) and max melee distance from boss.
Ranged behind tank max range distance from boss (>25y). Stand in the middle of the platform and spread at least 5y yards from each other.

Abilities and tactics

The boss has following abilities:

Multi-Headed (Tanks stack on top of each other)

Flashing Fangs (tank turn boss to right side, turn back after fang is done)

Roaring Leap (ranged make sure you are spread/ melee get hit by leap)

Headlong Charge (stand on the left/right side when boss charges)

Guardian´s Breath (Stand on your color and get hit by breath)

Guardian’s Lick (make sure you are spread out at least 5y each other)


Guardian´s Breath

Each head does a special dmg:

  • Head 1: Fiery Phlegm (High fire dmg split evenly among players within a cone)
  • Head 2: Salty Spittle (High frost dmg split evenly among players within a cone)
  • Head 3: Dark Discharge (High shadow dmg split evenly among players within a cone)

Each person that is not hit by any breath: Guarm gains a stack of Frothing Rage which increase Guarm´s dmg by 5% for each stack

When a player takes dmg from one of the head (Fire or frost or shadow), the player gets a debuff that is deadly when taking dmg from one of the other heads.
The debuff is permanent.

If you get hit by another debuff you will die directly.

Tactic: Guardian´s Breath

There will be colors on the ground in front of the boss (each head) as a cone shape.
This cone shape is very long. Meaning you can stand further away in front of boss and still take the dmg from it.

Frost (blue color)
Shadow (purple color)
Fire (red color)

Split the raid in 3 groups
Group 1: Fire
Group 2: Shadow
Group 3: Frost

The color on the ground is randomly, meaning it will not always be the same color/breath on the same location.

Have the raid standing in front of boss in the middle, spread out from each other.

When boss does breath, the colors appears on the ground.
Run left, or right or stay in middle depending on what color/group you belong to.


Guardian´s lick

The boss applies a random debuff on a player.
Depending on which of the three heads that applied the debuff, that outcome differs.

  • Fire head: Puts a fire debuff on random player that does fire dmg each 0.5s for 5s, to the player and any player within 5 yards.
  • Frost head: Puts a frost debuff on random player that stuns any player within 5 yards.
  • Shadow head: Puts a shadow debuff on random player that does a heal absorption to any player within 5 yards.

Tactic: Guardian´s lick

All players stay spread from each other.
If a player gets healing absorption, that players needs to be healed for the amount the absorption is, in order to remove it.


Multi-Headed and Flashing Fangs (tanks)

Multi-Headed - All attacks by the boss also strike the next closest target within 8 yards.  
If non target is found, the primary target is struck again.

Flashing Bang – The boss does very high physical dmg to enemies within a 25-yard cone in front of him.

Tactic: Multi-Headed and Flashing Fangs

Stand at max melee distance from boss so you don’t get the second hit.

Stand on top of each other.

When boss does Flashing Bang, The Tank turns the boss to the right side (away from raid) so the frontal cone dmg doesn’t hit anyone except the tank (use defensive CD). Remember that melee is on left side.



Roaring Leap

Guarm knocks back all players within 25 yards.
Then leaps toward the largest clump of players doing Physical dmg and toss them up in the air.

Tactic: Roaring Leap

Make sure you are spread from each other all the time so boss doesn’t jump on you.

Will get hit. Spread from each other after the leap so you don’t get tossed in the air.

Take boss back asap and position him.


Headlong Charge

Guarm jumps to the end of the platform.
Then runs (charge) one side of the platform, turns around and runs (charge) the other side.
Players in the way will get very high physical dmg.
Boss will also do dmg every second for 7 seconds, to the entire raid when running.

Tactic: Headlong Charge

Raid stands on opposite side of the platform every time he faces your direction.

Tank: Take the boss back to the bridge position after boss charge is completed.

Everyone stands on the bridge close to eachother for AoE healing. 

Use defensive cooldowns to survive the raid dmg. 


20 Oct 2016