Legendary quest To Farahlon Guide

Aim towards the legendary quest line “To Farahlon!” when upgrading and building you ships

This quest is part of the Legendary Quest Line and Khadgar want you to use your shipyard and send out a party on a Naval Mission to retrieve the Pearl of Farahlon.

The Naval Quest will pop up on your Operation table in your Shipyard almost directly after you have started with naval missions.

To complete this naval mission you need. Remember that when applying an equipment on a ship, you cannot change it later. So check the equipment below and plan accordingly.

  • 3 Ships (Epic preferably)
  • The following counters (equipment) on your ships:
    - Stormy Weather (Bilge Pump equipment)
    - Chaotic Whirlpools (Gyroscopic Internal Stabilizer equipment)
    - First Strike (Felsmoke Launcer equipment)
    - Battle ship (Ammo Reservers equipment)
    - Swift (Blast Furnace Equipment)
    - Expert Captain, cannot be countered, try Ghostly Spyglass Equipment)

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