Larodar, Keeper of the Flame Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

This fight is divided in three parts (Phase 1, intermission, Phase 2). 

During the fight, lava will move closer and closer to the middle. This fight is a race against time and managing the lava on the ground so that the raid can fight the boss on clear areas. 


Boss will spawn 3 tree ents that are hostile. Once killed, they will become friendly, but with low health. Healers must heal them up. Once 100% they will run to the middle and charge that plant (Seed of Life). Move boss away from tree ents so they get healed up fast. 


Once the plant (Seed of Life) starts being charge, then up to 3 players can interact with it and become bound with it. These players can now clear fire pools which they should. 

One Heroic/Mythic you will also need to be bound with the Seed of Life in order to remove immunity of the spider add (Scorching Root)

A spider add spawns (Scorching Root) and will fixate on a player. Kill this add asap and i becomes friendly. Healers must heal this add for it to bloom and become a bush. 

When the boss casts Raging Inferno, players must be be inside the bush circle (says behind on in game adventure guide) to reduce dmg by 90%. 

Boss does a knockback on tank. Based on how far away the tank is from the boss, the charge dmg will be reduced on tank. On Heroic - Based on how far away the tank is from the boss, the charge dmg will be reduced on tank AND RAID. 

The charge leaves fire pools, based on how far the boss charge is.  


When the boss reaches 40% health, make sure to use heavy damage reduction abilities and big healing cooldowns when the boss will cast Consuming Flame for 16 sec. 



Soak the circles that spawns (falling Embers). Orbs fall down, wait until they land before moving away. 

When players have circle around them with an arrow on top (Flas Fire), they move away from raid and healers must heal them to remove the absorbs shield before 8 sec has passed. Otherwise they will be stunned for 20 sec. 

Boss will spawn many adds that will start moving to the boss. CC the adds so that not to many reaches you because when they die each one will do raid dmg, so they need to be killed with some pause in between so that the healers can top up the raid. 

Dodge fire wirls and fire bombs. 

25 Sep 2023