Lag, servers down, long login que time, BUT..

As most of you already noticed, the Warlords of Draenor launch started like all expansion launches, lag and more lag. And every time a new expansion comes out you think that it will be solved and smoother this time. No, it is and always will be lag and more lag at launch. But, this time it is more than "just" lag, servers are overfull and at the moment all servers are down. 

There was a lot of talk that this expansion will be so good that it will even bring back old WoW players. When I read that, one thing came up: I hope they will bring back the servers like they were before (no server merging). But they didn’t. Someone must have thought of that. Ppl will come back and each server will be full.

Imagine when TBC came out, or Lich King. You could barely do any quests because there were so many ppl doing the same quests as you in the beginning of launch. Now imagine that 6 of these servers were put together, that’s how it is at WoD now. Two words: Total collapse. 

One solution would be to take away the merging, at least for now. And if ppl are dropping of later on in life, they merge them back together. Easier said than done I guess, otherwise they would do it now. I guess there are loads of things that gets affected by doing that and t´s maybe the last solution. 

For all you ppl that are really pissed out there about the situation, I have three things to say:

1) You won’t miss anything! WoW isn’t going anywhere. When everything is back on you can play again and in a week you forgot all about this. 

2) After all these 10 years, WoW is still dominating the world with so many ppl still playing it. 

3) If you still want to sit at your computer while waiting for servers to open, read about the Lore, read some guides check out how cool WoD will be and get more hyped to wanting to play ;)

All the best to you people and may the Naruu bless your souls



15 Nov 2014