Koragh Boss Guide

Ko’ragh was the only ogre to survive direct exposure to a mysterious relic unearthed by the Highmaul excavations of Nagrand, leaving him with a near-complete immunity to all magic. Rumors abound regarding his connection to the Imperator, with some wondering why Ko’ragh would remain subservient to a sorcerer despite his unique gifts.

Video Tactics

Icy Vein Tacts

Fatboss Tacts


The Ko'ragh encounter requires heavy movement and careful coordination of a small group of players who must manage a special task in the fight. Healing and DPS demands on this encounter are high, and raids will want a good balance of physical and magical type damage-dealers to deal with the central mechanic of the fight, the  Injured/Rune of Nullification.

Ko’ragh require each role to respond correctly with precise positioning, control massive raid wide healing.

Raid team

2 tanks
1 healer per 5 DPS and 1 tank


  • Tank Ko’ragh at the stairs to the right (star). So tank and melee are far away from the middle so no one receive a shield by mistake.
  • Range dps and healers will be on cross, but remember to stay a bit spread from each other.
  1. When tank is affected by Expel Magic: Arcane, run backwards and away from the boss and raid melee players (arrow from star).
  2. When Boss charges a ranged player a pool (Suppression Field) will appear. After some time there will be around 3 Suppression Fields there. When Ko’ragh boss leaps to the center of the room, all ranged needs to move to nipple (orange).

Raid wide Debuffs

Expel Magic: Fire
Puts a small dot that will deal damage to anyone that is within 5 yards when expired.

Expel Magic: Shadow
Will put a heal absorption shield that needs to be healed through

Expel Magic: Frost 
Burst damage on the entire raid and slow anyone within 30 yards from it. If you are next to it, it’s not an extra damage, it will just slow you. The damage is spread to the whole raid no matter what.

Tank Debuff – Expel Magic: Arcane
The one tanking will get blast by corrupted arcane energy. Kite the blast away from boss and raid.


When Ko’ragh magic shield is destroyed he will run to the center of the room (Blue Circle) to charge a new shield.

The first one entering this field will receive a shield of their own. The longer they stay on, the bigger the shield will be (assign healers to them).

You have 20s to DPS boss while he recharges the shield.

3 waves of adds (Volatile Anomalies) will spawn during the recharge. One tank needs to be assigned to tank them

After the 3rd wave the tank needs to position them inside the pools (Suppression Field), which will be located on cross. Use defensive CDs before entering the field (since the tank gets silenced in there). When adds are inside call out for ranged to start DPS AOE them down. If they die in the field the explosion they cause when dying will be silenced. Otherwise it will do huge aoe damage.

The reason to assign ppl to enter the middle when Ko’ragh recharges his shield is because
The shield the player gets will help them intercept falling orbs throughout the fight. Look up on the center of the ceiling you will see an energy ball that travels from the middle to a corner of the room. Stand Below it (a green swirl appears on the ground were it will land) as it begin to land and soak the impact.

You need 4 ppl in total to get the shield and soak.
You want a new person to receive a shield each recharging phase Ko’ragh does. You need 4 players for this job.  The orbs will instantly kill anyone without a shield. Stay spread out burn as many as you can, soak as many u can.

Role Specific Tacts



  • The Ko'ragh tank will take heavy damage, and may require external tank CDs
  • Use raid CDs to mitigate Expel Magic: Shadow and any orbs-that-you-have-to-soak detonations that occur
  • Players affected by Caustic Energy will take extremely heavy damage; all healers should help heal these targets
  • The shield charging damage penetrates all immunities and damage reduction abilities, so do not use external CDs on these players
  • Do not dispel Expel Magic: Fire from melee players or any players stacked up with one another (there is little reason to dispel if the raid spreads out)
  • Avoid standing in Suppresion Field and move away from Expel Magic: Frost orbs