7.1 Karazhan Legion Guide


Attunement for Karazhan

Complete the Khadgar questline in which you must complete 4 specific mythic dungeons.



At the moment this dungeon is only a Mythic Difficulty dungeon and drops 850+ ilvl loot.


There are 9 bosses in which the Opera Hall differs between 3 each week or each time you enter a new dungeon ID I guess.

Maiden of Virtue

Arriving in Karazhan to cleanse the tower of the vice and corruption, the titan watcher was infuriated by Medivh´s infamous parties and debaucheries. As her crusade for virtue seeks converts to her cause, the Maiden remains committed to purging immortality using all the powers at her disposal.

Opera Hall: Wikket

Are villiands born evil, or do they fall into wickedness due to the influence of others? Perhaps considering this quandary from the hozen point of view will offer enlightment…

Opera Hall: Westfall Story

Amidst the carnage of rival gangs battling for the turf of Westfall, two lovers from very different worlds fight for happiness. It is said that love is blind…but does is also need a translator.

Opera Hall: Beautiful Beast

Cursed to take the form of a beastly monster. Brute must find true love before he loses his life to the dark magic that transformed him. Will he learn proper table manners in time to win the heart of the fair Bella?

Attumen the Huntsman

Once charged with hunting game for his master´s feasts. Attumen now sets his sights on a very different kind of quarry. Ever wary of those seeking to steal his famed steed, Midnight. Attumen unleashes his well-honed fighting skills against all intruders.


Moroes. The steward of Karazhan, dotes upon his master´s dinner guests within the gran Banquet Hall. Eternally devoted to the care of the tower, he dispatches impolite party crashers with cruel efficiency.

The Curator

The Curator safeguards the Menagerie from unwelcome guests, terminating trespassers who seek to plunder the secrets of Karazhan. Though assembled by Medivh himself, the guardian construct has deteriorated over time, becoming prone to energy overloads and erratic behavior.

Shade of Medivh

So great was the power of the last Guardian, Medivh, that his magic still echoes through the halls of Karazhan. Some of these echoes take the shape of visions, revealing past events to the tower´s guests. Other assume more malevolent forms, recalling a time when the Guardian´s will was not his own.  

Mana Devourer

Rarely does the sight of a mana wyrm cause a seasoned adventurer concern. These small, simple creatures float about, consuming stray pockets of arcane energy. But Karazhan, tables are often turned, and what at first glance appears harmless may be revealed as an enormous threat.

Viz´aduum the Watcher

The all-seeing Viz´adduum was commanded by Kil´jaeden to capture Karazhan and tap into the tendrils of ley energy woven through the tower. Should he succeed in anchoring the structure to myriad of worlds held by the Legion, the Dark Titan´s army will overrun Azeroth and leave little more than a smoldering husk.

Karazhan Map

Karazhan consists of 14 floors.

Servants Quarters
Upper Library stables
The Banquet Hall
The Guest Chambers
Master´s Terrace
Lower Broken Stair
Upper Broken Stair
The Menagerie
Guardian´s Library
“Area 11”
“Area 12”
“Area 13”
“Area 14”

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