Is the Onyx Annulet good in patch 10.1?

The Onnyx Annulet is unchanged at the moment on PTR. None of the stones (gems) are nerfed and can be used on the PTR as if it is on live servers. 

No blue posts have been made by the development team regarding any changes on the Onyx ring in patch 10.1 and it´s less than 2 weeks left before it comes live. Also, this week we got a candidate release on the PTR build that came out which means that no major changes will be made from now on, only hotfixes (but, Onyx annulet stones can be changed via hotfixes). 

Here is a video where I go through how good the Onyx annulet actually is in patch 10.1 for many classes and specs. 


21 Apr 2023