Is it safe to have the Heart of Gorgorek in my Garrison?


I got captured by the Iron Horde the other day and they prisoned me. While sitting there trying to come up with a master plan to escape, the one and only Grommash Hellscream comes inside the hut along with Blackhand and Azuka Bladefury. This was a great opportunity to eavesdrop on them…

Grommash Hellscream: What of you, Blackhand?

Blackhand: Alliance and Horde forces strike at the Foundry, but they are nothing I cannot handle.

Grommash Hellscream: Again, Blackhand? All I hear are excuses. Azuka! How goes the search for the alpha?

Azuka Bladefury: Well, Warchief. We need only the Heart of Gorgorek to give it life.

Grommash Hellscream: Good. I will have you deal with the other-worlders as well. Or... do you lack the bloodlust of your forefathers?

Azuka Bladefury: My blade skills surpass those of my sires, Warchief. I can clean up Blackhand's mess.

Blackhand: Hrahh... I will slice off your tongue for that!

Grommash Hellscream: Ahahaha... bold words from my newest Warlord. Very well! Carry forth your ancestral blade. Bathe it in the blood of our enemies. Show me its legendary power. Come! You have your orders. I ride for Tanaan.

That´s interesting… So what or who is the alpha and why do they need the Heart of Gorgorek to give the Alpha life. When they left I got help escaping and took advantage of the situation. I sneaked around..

I found a model of some kind of insane tank.

Haven´t seen a tank like this one before.. How big is it in reality?  I also found some plans and other models that didn’t look promising for us.

This figure is so familiar.. where have I seen this one. It´s not Drov the Ruiner.. hm..

Ah Yes I know now! Oh, ohh noo…

I know where I´ve seen this creature. In Goregrond, in an area actually called Gorgerok´s Fall. Only it´s arm is sticking out above the surface if the pool surrounded by Gronn creatures that are stone frozen for some reason. It´s… enormous! This creature is an acient Magnaron also called “Gorgorek The Worldrender”

I knew what I had to do… find the Heart of Gorgorek before Azuka does.  

After some but kicking and investigating here and there (start q: Garrison Campaign: Crows in the field) I found the Heart in a cave deep inside Gorgrond, guarded by an Abyssal Erathwarden.

Now I have the Heart in my Garrison which is probably the most wanted place to attack in the entire Draenor. I need to double my defenses! 


14 Apr 2015