Inscription Guide for Battle for Azeroth

Inscription professions known in Battle For Azeroth is now called Zandalari Inscription (horde) or Kul Tiran Insciption (alliance).

Inscription professions starts at 1/100.
You can upgrade to a maximum potential skill of 200.

Previous lelveling of older expansion are separated from the battle for azeroth profession.

Inscription is back on the table in BfA! You can create scrolls to buff your party and raid! That will be very handy indeed in M+ dungoens and raids. You can also create contracts to certain factions that gives you reputation to that faction everytime you complete a world boss! We also have the vantus runes back and much more!


Crimsom Ink
Ultramarine Ink
Viridescent Ink

Books and Scrolls

Scroll of Unlocking – Allows opening of locks up to 550 lockpicking

Inscriptions can make 3 different War-scrolls

  • Battle-Shout (7% increased Agility and Strength)
  • Fortitude (7% increased Stamina)
  • Intellect (7% increased Intellect)

Inscription can make 2 different “tomes” for changing talents

  • Codex of the quite mind Set out a codex allowing nearby players to adjust their talents
  • Tome of the quite mind, allowing you to change talents when not in combat.


You can crate contracts for specific factions that enables you to gain extra reputation whenever you complete a world quest in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

Contract: Talanji´s Expedition
Contract: Champions of Azeroth

Contract: Tortollan Seekers
Contract: Order of Embers
Contract: Storm´s Wake
Contract: Voldunai

Contract: Zandalari Empire
Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty


Darkmoon card of War 


You can craft several off-hand weapons with ilvl 300. 

Vantus runs

Increasing versatility when fighting specific bosses.


Glyph of the Dolphin
Class: Druid
Your Aquatic form now appears as a Dolphin.

Glyph of the Humble Flyer
Class: Druid
Your Swift Lfight Travel Form appears as your more humble racial flyer. 

Glyph of the Tiderskipper
Class: Druid
Your Aquatic form now appears as a Tideskipper Dolphin.

Mass milling

Akunda´s Bite
Aromatic Pollen
Sea Stalk
Star Moss
Winter´s Kiss


21 Mar 2018