INSANE Mysterious Fragments Farming: A Comprehensive Guide

Note: This guide has been updated to provide you with the most effective strategies for farming Mysterious Fragments in World of Warcraft. Special thanks to Toolock for sharing this method.

If you're looking to farm Azerothian Archives reputation and Mysterious Fragments and rewards from the event, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the most efficient ways to maximize your reputation and fragment gains. By following these tips, you'll significantly increase your progress and save valuable time.

General Ways of Farming Mysterious Fragments and Reputation

Before we dive into the specific tips, let's cover the general methods of farming Mysterious Fragments and reputation:

  1. Complete the Storyline: Start by completing the storyline tied to the Azerothian Archives. This will unlock world quests that reward reputation and mysterious fragments. You'll also earn reputation during the storyline. The quest for the storyline begins at the Roasted Inn in Valdrakken (/way 48, 47).

  2. Unlock Azerothian Archives World Quests: Once you've completed the storyline, you'll unlock Azerothian Archives World Quests. These quests provide additional opportunities to earn reputation and mysterious fragments.

  3. The Big Dig Event: The Big Dig event takes place every half an hour in Azure Span, located in the Dragon Isles. This event is where you can truly optimize your reputation and mysterious fragment gains. Let's explore how to make the most of it.

Tip 1: Min-Max the Weekly Quest Reward

The amount of mysterious fragments you can farm each week depends on whether you have multiple accounts or just one:

If you have more than one account:

  • Complete the weekly quest on one character on each account, but do not log out.
  • Log into your other characters on your other accounts and complete the quest on each of them.
  • By staying online on your characters in each account, you'll benefit from the 5000 Mysterious Fragments reward for each character account.

If you have only one account:

  • Complete the weekly quest on two characters, but do not hand in the quest yet.
  • Once you have two characters ready with completed quests, position them in front of the NPC to whom you'll turn in the quest.
  • Turn in the quest on one character, then press log out and immediately shut down the game manually.
  • Log in with your other character within the 20-second window and turn in the quest.
  • By timing it right, you'll receive the 5000 Mysterious Fragments reward on both characters instead of just the first character.

Tip 2: Server Hop During the Event

During the Big Dig event, you can optimize your rewards by server hopping and joining groups with better tomes. Here's how:

  1. If you start the event with an uncommon reward, it's recommended to change it. Open the "Group Finder" and select "Premade Group," then choose "Custom." Make sure all languages are marked in the filter at the top right corner.
  2. Type "Big Dig" in the search bar and join any group that pops up. Most of the time, you'll change realms, which means you'll have a chance to get a different event reward.
  3. Aim to join groups that offer better rewards. If you join a group with an uncommon reward, check the progress bar, as they might complete it quickly, allowing you to obtain a tome faster.
  4. Continue server hopping during the event to acquire more tomes and higher-quality rewards compared to the "normal" farming method.
  5. Before the event ends, make sure you've joined a group where your character is in another realm. When the dragon appears at the end, quickly kill and loot it, then leave the group. This will take you back to your realm, where there's a high chance the dragon will be up again. Be ready to tag it quickly for a double reward of reputation and fragments.
  6. If there are no events available for "The Big Dig," open the "Quest tab" in "Premade Groups" and search for Azure Span. Join any group that pops up to increase your chances of joining another realm. Note that it has to be Azure Span for the realm change to occur.

Tip 3: Account-Bound Azerothian Archives World Quests

There are three semiweekly Azerothian Archives World Quests that appear twice a week, totaling six quests per week. Once you've unlocked these quests, they become account bound, allowing you to complete them on each character in your accounts that have access to the Dragon Isles. Completing all six quests on each character will yield approximately 4000 Mysterious Fragments per week. Calculate the total number of Mysterious Fragments you can farm based on the number of characters you have.

By following these tips, you'll be able to farm Mysterious Fragments efficiently and make significant progress in your Azerothian Archives reputation. Good luck on your farming journey!

12 Feb 2024