Imperator Margok Boss Guide

As the grand Imperator of Highmaul, Mar’gok is descended from a long line of sorcerers who ruled the Gorian Empire. With cunning that matches his brutality, Mar’gok recognized the rising tide of the Iron Horde and what it would mean to oppose them. He has acquiesced to an alliance with Grommash, even as he continues to search for a way to tip the balance of power back into his favor.

Imperator Mar'gok has four phases and two intermissions.

When Imperator Mar'gok reaches 85%, 55% and 25% health remaining, he activates one of the runestones in his throne room, augmenting his abilities with additional effects.

It´s important to remember that all phases has the same basic move sets. It is each ability that changes.  Imperator Mar'gok will use four base abilities that is almost always in the same order.


Tank boss in middle all the time.

All ranged (dps and heal) stay stacked all the time. Start on one edge (Diamond) and move clock wise around the room.



Phase One: Might of the Crown

Arcane Wrath (Ranged, maybe melee)

- Imperator Mar'gok blasts a random player with Arcane energy, branding them for 4 sec.
- When Branded expires it inflicts 70000 Arcane damage to the wearer and jumps to their closest ally within 200 yards.
- Each time Arcane Wrath jumps, its damage increases by 25% and range decreases by 50%.

What to do – Move away from raid (behind o raid)

Arcane Aberration (Adds)

Imperator Mar'gok summons an Arcane Aberration. These Arcane Adds has an ability called Collapsing Entity which pulse with unstable energy, inflicting 13500 Arcane damage to all players every second.

What to do - Highest priority to nuke down ASAP.

Mark of Chaos (Tanks)

The tank debuff. Imperator Mar'gok marks a tank with chaotic magic. After 8 sec., the magic explodes, inflicting 271000 Arcane damage to their allies within 35 yards.

What to do - Once applied the tanks must move it out the raid group and into an alcove or across the room to allow the debuff to expire. Any DPS or healers caught in the blast will be one shot.

Force Nova (Aoe dmg)

Imperator Mar'gok releases a nova of Arcane energy that inflicts 38000 Arcane damage every 0.5 sec. to all players within the nova's area of effect.

What to do - Players should move towards the force nova and through it to only take one hit of damage.

Destructive Resonance (Ranged)

-Imperator Mar'gok summons an Arcane mine that persists for 1 minute.
- If triggered, Destructive Resonance inflicts 90000 Arcane damage to all players.
- In addition, this effect inflicts 211000 Arcane damage to the player that triggered it, increasing their Arcane damage taken by 45% for 1 min and stunning them for 1.50 sec whenever they take Arcane damage.

What to do – When Imperator summons a Arcane mine on a ranged player all ranged move to the left. This is a mine mechanic detonating if a player steps on it.  For this reason, a clockwise rotation stack strategy.

Accelerated Assault (Tanks)

A reverse tank swap mechanic.
The Boss gets a stacking debuff (8% attack speed) every time it melee attacks against the same target.

What to do – Tanks needs to act fast (since this is based on melee swing it stacks). Swapping around 10-13 stacks.

Phase Two: Rune of Displacement

All Phases have the same basic mechanics but each phase adds some extra mechanics.

 Arcane Wrath (Ranged and Melee)

Extras) Branded Players are unable to move more than 10 yards from the location they were marked.
Extras) Attempting to leave the marked area will teleport the player back to the location they were originally marked.

What to do -  Melee shouldn't bother to run the Wrath out, rather they should allow it to jump in the melee stack, and at 12 yards move it out, use a personal cooldown and move the melee stack over slightly. This should allow it to expire.

Arcane Aberration (Adds)

Extras) Casts Impactful Pulse when they die. Upon death, Displacing Arcane Aberrations knock all players away.

What to do - Melee need to be especially aware of the knockback so they don’t bump into any mines.  With the clockwise strategy, range should never be behind a mine to be knocked into one. 

Mark of Chaos – Displacement (Tanks)

Extras) this tank swap will now teleport the afflicted tank into the ranged stack. Simply use speed boosts, leaps, or rolls to get the mark out of range.

Force Nova (Aoe dmg)

The Force nova repels all players backwards as it passes through them.

What to do:  Always run through the Force Nova or attempt to jump over them and you should be fine to handle the damage without raid wide cooldowns.

Destructive Resonance (Ranged)

The mine will now grow to twice it size requiring precise placement along the perimeter of the raid area.

What to do: Move your ranged and healer stack further around the clockwise positioning as necessary.

First Transition Phase

The boss will go and charge the Rune of Fortification. Meanwhile Adds will come and defend him.

Two Gorian Warmages will be summoned into the fight as well as Volatile Anomaly Adds that will explode dealing raid wide damage.


Ranged dps and healers will be stacked on one spot now instead (orange).
One tank will pick upp all the Volatile Anomaly Adds to the center.


Depending on raid setup you can arrange this different. However, kill the two Warmages first. Then the Volatile Anomaly Adds (NO AOE since they explode when they die) one by one.

  • Gorian Warmage - Nether Blast

Gorian Warmages blast a player with arcane energy, inflicting 70000 Arcane damage to any player within 5 yards.

What to do: When you are fixated you should quickly move out of the stack to avoid chaining the Warmage damage to the other players as it deals damage to anyone within 5 yards.

  • Gorian Warmage – Slow

Gorian Warmages slow a random player, reducing their movement, attack and spell casting speed by 50% for 45 sec.

  • Gorian Warmages – Fixate

Fixate on a random player, attacking only them for 15 sec.

  • Dominance Aura

Empowers allies within 25 yards, increasing damage done by 50% and melee, ranged and spell casting speed haste by 50%.

  • Volatile Anomaly Adds

Volatile Anomalies pour from the rune stone every 12 sec.
Volatile Anomalies explode upon death, inflicting 43000 Arcane damage to all players.

What to do: Nuke them one by one.

Phase Three: Rune of Fortification

The amount of damage going out is brutal. The less damage your raid group takes the more likely you'll move onto the next step.

Arcane Wrath: Fortification

In addition to Arcane Wrath's normal effect, the jump range of Arcane Wrath is only decreased by 25% with each jump.

Arcane Aberrations: Fortification

Arcane Adds are now Fortified, Immune to all crowd-controlling effects and have 75% more health.

What to do: As always PRIO NUKE

Mark of Chaos: Fortification

The tank is rooted in place.
What to do: Use rolls/leaps to move as far out as the cast was going out.

Force Nova: Fortification

In addition to Force Nova's normal effects, an additional nova is released every 8 sec,. for 16 sec.
What to do: Use raid wide cooldowns, damage reduction, and personal cooldowns as necessary.  This is where having each raid member take a few less ticks of damage each force nova adds up.

Destructive Resonance: Fortification

The mines now last for 2 minutes instead of 1 min.

Second Transition Phase

In addition to the Gorian Warmages and Volatile Anomalies from the First Transition Phase, players will also have to face a Gorian Reaver during this phase.

What to do:
- Full burn The Reaver down as quickly as possible.
- Use Heroism, Second Potions and all DPS cooldowns.
- Once the Reaver is down, move to the Warmages, all the same rules apply, but you will be moving into the final phase with usually a Warmage up.
- Finish off the final Warmage as highest priority. 
- The Anomaly tank should be working to kill and explode adds slowly through this intermission.

Phase Four: Replication

As the name of this phase says, everything is duplicated.

Arcane Wrath: Replication

A second player will be Branded each time Arcane Wrath jumps.

Arcane Aberrations

Now cast Replicate when they die. Replicate - Upon death, Replicating Arcane Aberrations split into 7 Arcane Remnants. These adds no longer pulse the aoe or explode on death so it is safer to AoE Cleave/Burn.  Your tank picking these adds up will be getting rocked.  Use whatever personal Damage Reduction cooldowns you can. 

Mark of Chaos: Replication (Everyone Spread)

8 Orbs of Chaos are conjured when Mark of Chaos expires. Each orb flies out from the wearer and inflicts 200000 Arcane damage to all players that they move through.

What to do: The tank has to move into a far corner and allow some of the orbs to hit the wall and at the same time make a wider distance between the orbs when coming closer to the raid. The raid needs to be aware and spread out for the incoming orbs.

Force Nova: Replication (Everyone Spread!)

Players who are damaged by Force Nova will inflict 35000 Arcane damage to their allies within 5 yards. Meaning you must move into a spread strategy.  Chaining the damage will result in the death of several players especially in the melee and tank stack. 

Destructive Resonance: Replication

Two additional Destructive Resonances are created nearby when it detonates or expires.