Huntsman Altimor - Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Caste Nathria

First Dog - Margore

When Vicious Lunge ability

  • The Margore dog targets a player
  • After 6 sec, he dives at them and does deadly dmg.
  • The dmg is divided evenly by players within 6 yards.
  • HEROIC MODE – all players struck will also get a debuff (Vicious Wound) that does high physical dmg every 3 sec for 6 sec.


  • Have as little amount as possible to soak/share the dmg on that player.
  • 3 extra players is enough

Second boss – Bargast

When Rip Soul ability

The soul that moves to boss that healers must heal up will also do 2k Shadow dmg to all players every 2 sec.


Focus Heal the soul that walks to the boss. Must be full Health.

Use defensive before the Rip Soul.
The less health the tank has from Rip Soul, the less health needs to be healed on the soul.


19 Dec 2020