Hungering Destroyer - Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Caste Nathria



Boss causes each player to do Shadow dmg to all nearby players.

The size of affecting nearby players is proportional to the targeted players missing health when they erupt. The circle around gets bigger.

HEROIC MODE (Obliterating Rift)
When the players detonate, an orb spawns at their location.
The rift creates energy that explodes when a player touches it and does Shadow dmg to that player. 
One orb does 9k dmg when soaked. 

Tactics: Expunge

Stay spread from each other.

Heal up players up as much as possible to minimize the circle around them.
Heal up before the Expunge starts, don’t think circle goes down once it starts.


Every player spawns an orb that is there for the rest of the fight.
Have players with immunity to run them over so they get destroyed.
Alternative: Each player soaks its own orb. 

19 Dec 2020