HUGE Gear changes in 9.1

In patch 9.1 we will see a huge change when it comes to PvE and PvP gear. The goal that Blizzard is aiming for is that the gear you get from PvP is viable for PvP content mainly, and it seems to be the same thing with PvE gear. So basically, the goal is so that players don’t farm PvP gear for using it in PvE content and vice versa.

The change they have done is adding a bonus ilvl on your gear when doing that specific content the gear came from.
For example, getting gear from PvP will have a +13 added next to the ilvl of it, which means that when doing PvP (battlegrounds, arenas, war mode), you get the +13 ilvl increase on that piece of gear.

A PvP gear of 220 ilvl +13
When doing PvP content, that gear is instead 233 ilvl.
Doing PvE content (dungeons, quests, raids etc), that gear is still baseline 220 ilvl

What would be good in this case is to apply this to PvE gear as well. Meaning, the gear you get from raids and dungeons will also have a base ilvl with a bonus ilvl that is activated when entering a raid or a dungeon. If you would go even further, then what if we have dungeons and raids separate. Meaning, the raid gear has a bonus ilvl on it when entering a raid but it will still be on base item level when entering a dungeon. And the same thing with dungeon gear that has bonus ilvl when entering a dungeon but a base item outside dungeon. I would personally be positive for this, because right now the priority of getting the best gear is PvP Conquest gear > M+ gear > Raid gear.


15 Apr 2021