How to unlock Magni Questline 8.2.5

  • First, the questline must be available in live WoW, all info you see now has to do with PTR.
  • Second, you must have done a lot of the War Campaign questline. All the way to Nazjatar and getting the quest Circle of Stars, which requires you to defeat Za’qul and Azshara.
  • Third, one completed, wait until it is available on live servers, which should be this week (1st Oct US, 2nd Oct EU).
  • Fourth, When the Quest is available on live servers, head to Boralus (Alliance) or Dazar'alor (Horde) and Magni will speak to you and tell you to head to Silithus.
  • Once completed, you MUST talk to the Earthen Guardian, next to the flight path near the harbor. This will start the questline. 

1 Oct 2019