How to spawn Large Duck Nest (Daetan Swiftplume) - Noblegarden 2024

We have a new rare boss in the Noblegarden event. 

This rare has a Large duck Nest located in Elwinn Forest and Durotar. 

To spawn this rare, you have to look around for a big golden egg. This egg has several spawn points around the Large Duck Nest area. It seems to be a 5 minute spawn time on it.

Once you find one, you interact with theegg and drag it to the nest. When that is completed, Daetan Swiftplume will fly down to it and you can attack him.  

Here are the locations of them: 

Alliance side

/way 30.28, 91.42

Horde side

/way 44.44, 35.10

What is the loot from Daetan Swiftplume

Once a day per character, you will loot a Noblegarden trinket that is a quest you turn in to get a Loot-Filled Basket.

There are two types of baskets you can get based on your character level. 

The Loot-Stuffed Basket. This can contain: 

- Transmogs (Spring Reveler´s Turquoise Sun set)

- Brightly Coloured Egg


The Loot-filled basket. This can contain: 

- the Noble Flying carpet.

- Brightly Coloured Egg

- Probably the Transmogs (Spring Reveler´s Turquoise Sun set)


1 Apr 2024