How to Restore Lifeless Stone Ring

What is Restore Lifeless Stone for

This item is needed to restore its power to create an Heirloom Ring - Band of Radiant Echoes. 

How to Restore the power of the Lifeless Stone Ring

Step 1

Lifeless Stone Ring is an item bought by the Pre-Patch vendor located in the bottom center of new Dalaran. You buy it for 25 Residual Memories. 

Step 2

You need 3 essences 

- Essence of Northrend 
- Essence of Kalimdor 
- Essence of Eastern Kingdom 

For each Essence, you need to combine 20 Memories

- Memory of Northred (20)
- Memory of Kalimdor (20)
- Memory of the Eastern Kingdoms (20)

You combine 20 memories to create an essence. 

Where to get Memory of Northred / Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms

There is a chance that you will get this item when completing an objective/stage. 
These are automatically sent to your bags, no loot. 

Step 3

Combine 3 Essences together with Lifeless Stone Ring to create Band of Radiant Echoes



19 Jun 2024