How to obtain Heirlooms and how much it costs

Amount, types, upgrades and costs of Heirlooms

21 Armor costs 500g each
8 Two-Handed costs 750g each
8 One-Handed costs 650g each
3 Offhands cost 500g each
3 Trinkets costs 700g each
6 Necklaces cost 700g each

Upgrade armor/trinket/offhand to lvl 90 cost 1000g
Upgrade weaponto lvl 90 costs 1000g

Upgrade armor/trinket/offhand to lvl 100 cost 2000g
Upgrade weaponto lvl 100 costs 5000g

How to get Heirlooms as Alliance

City: Iron Forge
District: Hall of Explorers
NPC: Krom Stourarm

How to get Heirlooms as Horde

City: UnderCity
District: The Rogues Quarter
NPC: Estelle Gendry

Don’t forget that you should login to all your characters with heirlooms to update your new heirloom tab

12 Feb 2015