How to Obtain and Use the mobile Warband Bank in The War Within

In "The War Within," players have the opportunity to acquire a valuable tool known as the Warband Bank, a mobile bank that can be summoned to manage items and resources on the go. Here's a guide on how to obtain and use the Warband Bank:Acquiring the Warband Bank:

  1. Quest Activation: The questline to obtain the Warband Bank is available very early in the game, possibly even upon logging into the pre-patch update. Upon logging in, the quest will be added directly to your quest log.
  2. Journey to Gadgetzan: The quest will lead you to Gadgetzan in Tanaris, where you will embark on a short questline to complete the necessary tasks.
  3. Reward: Upon completing the questline, you will be rewarded with a Warband Bank Distance Inhibitor, which will be added to your spellbook on all your characters.


Using the Warband Bank:

Activation: To access the Warband Bank, simply interact with the Warband Bank Distance Inhibitor ability in your spellbook. This will summon an orb that you can interact with to access the mobile bank.


Duration and Cooldown: The mobile bank summoned by the Warband Bank Distance Inhibitor will remain active for 10 minutes. After its use, there is a cooldown of 2 hours before it can be summoned again.

Item Management: Once summoned, the Warband Bank allows you to add or withdraw any items that are warbound, providing a convenient way to manage your resources while on the move.


The Warband Bank serves as a valuable asset in "The War Within," offering players the flexibility to manage their items efficiently and effectively during their adventures. 

3 Jul 2024