How to get to Kul Tiras / How to get to Stormwind from Kul Tiras

Get to Kul Tiras

The first time
When you log on after the release of BFA (or beta atm), a quest will pop up that starts the questline which eventually takes you to Kul Tiras.

Once you have opened up a portal from Kul Tiras to Stormwind, via the questline, a new portal will be located in the Mage tower in Stormwind. 

Get to Stormwind

You unlock this portal when you reach Kul Tiras via the Battle for Azeroth (BFA) starting questline that pops up when you log on once BFA is released on live servers (or when you log on Beta). 

There is a portal inside the inn, where the quest giver Taelia is. Same room as quest map.

13 Apr 2018