How to get Spark of Omen in the War Within

Spark of Omen is the new crafting reagent to upgrade crafted gear in The War Within. This item increases gear to 584-597 ilvl. 

You will get your hands on Fractured Sparks of Omen and you need 2 of them together with 250 Valorstones to make it into a Spark of Omen. 


How to get Fractured Sparks of Omen

These Sparks comes from a wide variety of sources and all of them are tied to Meta Quests. Meta quests are endgame weekly activity quests and there are 6 Meta quests per week. These are: 

  • Weekly World Soul Aiding
  • Weekly Delve 
  • Archives (This could be every 2nd week, not confirmed)
  • Weekly Severed Thread Pact
  • Weekly Theatre
  • Awakening the Machine

 It seems that you can get 2 Fractured Sparks per week. You can see if the meta quest rewards a fractured spark by looking for the "Weekly Activity" symbol. 


3 Jul 2024