How to get sockets in 9.1

There is an item called Allow-Warping Facetor. This item adds a socket to a Season 2 gear that doesn’t already have a socket. Season 2 gear means the gear that is available once patch 9.1 comes live. Cab be used on helms, necks, bracers, belts or rings.

This item can be bought from two different vendors, both of them are located in the new zone Korthia but sells it with different currencies.

Bonesmith Heirmir (Soul Cinders)

This NPC is located in 63.27, 25.31 (see map).

He sells Allow-Warping Facetor for 1000 Soul Cinders (the new currency that is similar to Soul Ash but available in 9.1 content). Check out my guide here on how to farm Soul Cinders.

Archivist Roh-Suir (Cataloged Research)

This NPC is available after unlocking him via a quest chain. He is located inside the cave in entrance 61.57, 21.67 (see map).

He sells Allow-Warping Facetor for 5000 Cataloged Research (a new currency in 9.1 content) but also Tier 6 reputation to be able to buy it. Check out my guide here on how to unlock this vendor, how to farm the reputation and how to farm Cataloged Research.

9 Jun 2021