How to get higher rewards from lower Tiers in Delves

By understanding the unique mechanics of Bountiful Delves and strategically utilizing this knowledge, players can significantly enhance their treasure trove.

Bountiful Delves are "buffed up" Delves when it comes to rewards. You can find Bountiful Delves by looking at the Delve icon on the map that is more highlighted than the others. When you mouseover that Delve on the map, you will see that it is also tagged as Bountiful Delve. 

Upon successfully completing a Bountiful Delve, players are rewarded with both a rare and an epic chest. Ordinarily, players must conquer a Tier 8 Delve to earn the coveted epic chest. However, Bountiful Delves operate under a different set of rules. Even a Tier 3 Bountiful Delve has the potential to yield epic and rare chests, effectively granting adventurers the rewards of a Tier 8 Delve for their efforts.

Remember that you still need the special key that opens the rare chest and the special key that opens the epic chest. It is not enough to only get access to the chests. 

Epic chest requires Restored Trove Key a and a rare chest requires a Restored Coffer Key.


12 May 2024