How to get Harrison Jones as Follower


Today I finished the 6 relic quests from Harrison Jones and got the achievement "Don´t call me Junior". even thou I didnt finish the Eploration Mission Achievement. 

Meaning, you only have to finish the 6 relic quests from Harrison Jones to get him as a follower.

So read only Step 1

Step 1

Summary: complete all 6 Relic Huter Queasts offered by Harrison Jones in your Garrison.

There are five different visitors that will come to you Garrison. One each day, with a daily quest. One of those visitors is Harrison Jones. 

Make a party or raid (or check group finder) and visit players Garrison to see if they have Harrison Jones as follower.

Completing all 6 relic missions by Offered by Harrison, will unlock Harrison Jones as a follower! 

Step 2

Complete 19 Garrison exploration missions.

Is is your followers that complete these quests. To be able to do and complete the exploration missions the best way. you need to:

1) Have archeology (Level 1 is enough). This will give your followers a chance to do exploration missions. However, It takes some time for the quest to show up. So also:

2) You can buy Explorers Norebook from Grakis (Stormshield) and Srikka (Warspear). 

The note book is sold for 5 Restored Artifacts. The fastest way to obtain these artifacts is to buy them for Spirit of Harmony. 

1 Restored Artifact costs 3 Spirits of Harmony.

You need 95 Restored artifacts to get all the missions. (you will not get duplicates of quest if you activated it already)

You need 285 Spirits f Harmony to buy 95 artifacts. 

3) You can also do loads of Archeology to obtain the artifacts the normal way. 

4) After your Fopllowers complete all the 19 Exploration Missions you will get the achievement "Exploration Master"

Completing Step 1 and Step 2 will give you the achievement:

And will give you the follower Harrison Jones


23 Feb 2015