How to get Dragonflight Secret Mount number 2

Another secret Mount has been discovered. 
This mount is an Otto Mount that was found by the Secret Finding Discord. 

How to get the Secret Mount Otto

1) You need a Gold Coin. 
Either fish a lot and turn in 75 Copper Coins into 5 Silver Coins which you then turn in to a gold coin. Or fish "Ice Fishing" or "lava fishing" and get lucky to get a gold coin directly. 

2) Buy a  Immaculate Sac of Swog that cost one Gold Coin at The Great Swog. 
You ahave a great chance on getting a toy called Aquatic Shades.

3) Go to the dive bar "The Bubble Bath" north of the Obsidian Citadel, use the Aquatic Shades toy, and dance on the dance pad for 5 minutes.
/way #2022 19.6 36.5 The Bubble Bath

4) When the debuff (called Dance, Dance Til you´re Dead) runs out, you get teleported to the Hissing Grotto. 

5) Pick up the empty fish barrel in front of you. 

6) Farm following binds when picked up items: 
- 100  Frigid Floe Fish (Fished from open waters around Iskaara.)
- 25 Calamitous Carp (Fished from open lava around the Obsidian Citadel.)
- 1 Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish (Fished from open waters around Algeth'ar Academy)

7) Once you have obtained all the required fish, fill the barrel and go back to the Hissing Grotto.
/way #2022 20.3 39.7 Hissing Grotto

8) Take the quest called "The Way to an Otto´s Heart" and complete it. 
You now have an Otto mount. 
Use your shades when on the mount. 

20 Dec 2022