How to get Account Wide Essences for Alts

When can we get Account Bound Essences

On The weekly reset of

  • 17th March US
  • 18th March EU
  • 19th March Asia

How to obtain Account Bound Essences

First, you MUST have that Essence as a Rank 3, otherwise, you won’t get it for alts.

Second, you must get a new currency called Echoes of Ny’alotha. This currency is obtained as reward after completing

  • Raid bosses
  • M+ dungeons
  • Horrific Visions
  • Assaults
  • Season 4 PvP

Third, you buy the Essence from MOTHER in the Chamber of Heart (where Magni and Wrathion is).

What about different spec (Heal/Tank/Dps) essences

Normally you need the exact same essence.

BUT – If you have unlocked the essences for the mechagon and nazjatar reputation vendors, you unlock all spec essences as well.

If you have a tank as main character, then your healing alt character will get the healing essences.

The essences will be rank 3 for alts.

How much does one essence cost?

One essence costs 500 Echoes of Nyalotha

How to farm Echoes 


Echoes of Ny´alotha

Assault - Black Empire


Assault - Aqir/Amathet/Mantid/Mogu


Horrific Visions

50 Kill main boss (Thrall/Alleira)
25 each objective completed

150 Full completion

Emissary Quest


Heroic Darkshore Warfront





25 per wing completed (200 total – 4 wings)
15 per boss
20 per boss

25 per boss


Random Battleground
Rated Arena wins
Rated Battleground win
Weekly PvP Cache

10-25 (Scales with PvP rank)
35 (Scales with PvP rank)
175-300 (Based on PvP rank)

Mythic Dungeons

End of Run chest
Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache

3 per Keystone Level (example a +10 gives 30)
20 per highest Keystone level

13 Mar 2020